<aside> 💡 In this doc, the bot functionality is described. It’s an alpha version, this document will be updated regularly. For any questions, please ask in the RnDAO server: https://discord.gg/7kQZNJrvd2


About the bot

Health Pulse bot has 2 main functionalities:

When a RnDAO team member is given the bot admin role (called “Health Pulse - Admin”), they use the bot to collect the data and run Community Health analytics for you.


The installation process is super simple and takes less than 5 minutes

You need to have Admin permission for the Discord server to complete this process

Step 1) Click on the installation link

Step 2) Add bot to server

Step3) Approve permissions

Final Step) Create bot admin role and assign it to RnDAO team member to operate the bot

Customer Support Docs

Health Pulse: how to check the bot is legit