Welcome to RnDAO! Whether you stumbled across this project or came here with a purpose, please follow the steps below to get set up and ready to engage and contribute in no time!

<aside> 💡 Important:

We believe in creating a community of empowered member who SHAPE their environment. The environment is created by the documents we share, the platforms we use, the rules and agreements we define, the language and tone we use, etc. All of these can be changed, refined, evolved so each and everyone of us feels better as part of this community and is more empowered to do great work and advance our mission to Empower Humane Collaboration. Being able to shape our environment starts with paying attention to how the environment is affecting us. Everything you see is a work in progress, so please take note of anything that’s not ideal, anything that could be improved, anything that’s broken, anything you’d change! And share them with us!

Help us understand what’s not working so together we can improve it. Or even better, propose to improve it and we’ll do our best to support you.



  1. Take a deep breath, and spend a few minutes clarifying your intention.
    1. What brought you here?
    2. What do you hope to get out of engaging with RnDAO?
    3. What can you give?

Learn about RnDAO (est. 5 - 15min)

  1. Read the 5 minute Summary on RnDAO
  2. Read about our Vision: Too big a vision for only one of us

Ways to engage

The primary ways to engage with RnDAO are:

  1. Start a new venture within RnDAO
  2. Bring your existing venture into the RnDAO's alliance
  3. Contribute to one of our existing ventures
  4. Contribute to RnDAO itself to help us attract more entrepreneurs and ventures and help them thrive
  5. Let us know of other ways you can envision to co-create value and advance our mission

Enter the RnDAO community ( est. 10 - 20min)

Do you now have a high-level understanding of what RnDAO is and want to get involved? Even if it’s to ask more questions, please follow the steps below:

  1. 🤳 Follow RnDAO on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RnDAO__
  2. 👋 Go to discord and Introduce yourself in the #introduction channel. You can share your background and what brought you to RnDAO as well as what your expectations are: are you here to find paid work, to learn, to start a venture, to research, to meet others? let us know what motivates you! The more clear you're about your needs and aspirations, the easier it will be for us to support you.
  3. Consent to our RnDAO Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines V2 by emoji-reacting on the #verify channel in discord (after you have verified, you won’t see this channel any more)