Both DAOs and Web3 projects depend on the health of their community and vibez—yet understanding and measuring Community Health is challenging. Without good community indicators, we're often shooting in the dark and less humane metrics get the bulk of the attention, resulting in a more transactional and less community-driven Web3 ecosystem. TogetherCrew is an ongoing project to research Community Health metrics and practices, and develop a data collection tool to enable web3 communities to benchmark, track progress, take action effectively, and thrive.

The Problem

Today, DAOs and Web3 projects are left to rely on the limited reporting provided by Discord or Discourse and a patchwork of "homemade" surveys to fill in the gaps. These solutions are limited, time-consuming for community managers and contributors to use, and the results, hampered by poor indicators and/or poor sampling, are unreliable.

Perhaps even direr, the lack of real-time analytics leaves community leaders without established baselines to measure against to understand the impact of community-focused initiatives, monitor shocks to the system, or rapidly gauge the effects of system-wide changes. As a result, many projects measure growth in numbers but not real community, and risk losing the heart and soul of their communities in favour of mechanistic growth.

To address these limitations and champion real community at the heart of Web3, we've started the Community Health project.

The solution

The Community Health project has three parts:

Let's make Web3 community-driven, resilient and humane!

See the research we have already completed:

Short summary:

How do we measure community health in DAOs?

Long form:

What is a DAO Community and when is it healthy: a working paper ...