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Welcome to RnDAO

5 minute Summary on RnDAO

RnDAO Onboarding

RnDAO: Mission, Vision, Roadmap

Improve, Broken and Change

RnDAO Team

Contribute to existing Units

Overview of RnDAO ventures

How to join a Unit

Working at RnDAO: what to expect

Advice to steward a Unit

Grow your idea within RnDAO

Why should you build with RnDAO?

Starting a new Project within RnDAO: step by step process

Joining the RnDAO swarm with an exiting project: step by step process

Venture & Research Ideas

Venture Support - Menu

Official Agreements


Conflict Resolution Process

RnDAO Structure: the building blocks

Official Treasury and treasurers

Too big a vision for only one of us

Privacy Policy V1.1

Incorporation and Path to Decentralisation

How we do work

Meeting hygiene

Tools we use


Proposals & Pre-Proposals

Unit Agreements- Summary

Proposals & Pre-Proposals Alt PW

Modular Agreements for Units


Project hosted in RnDAO

Understanding how to map community health

Meet with Wallet

Meeting Scheduling reinvented for Web3

Decision Making Research

An ongoing project to improve the quality and speed of decision making within DAOs

Process automation for Web3 communities


LLM-powered chatbot for superfast deliberation

Services (Consulting)

Consulting Services (just starting to get established)

School DAO

Empowering stakeholders of schools to make decisions together


Framework for financial and governance multi-stakeholder alignment


Tool to easily access your organisation's links




Running the Co.lab Fellowship

Co.Lab Fellows Pages

DAO work

Activities that support RnDAO as a whole

Organisation Development & Ops Unit

Unit in charge of developing a strategy to achieve RnDAO's Vision and executing on said strategy

Research Mentorship

Coordinating how we run research projects